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WPossible is a weekly WordPress magazine for non-technical users. If you are a business owner, writer, artist, entrepreneur and even a business executive, WPossible is aimed at you. 

  • Are you tired of blogs titles like “50 Uber Left Aligned WordPress themes for conservatives”, with each link being an affiliate link?
  • Does your business run a website on WordPress, and you cannot follow the development of WordPress because the conversation is too geeky?
  • Are you tired of following each new shining object (e.g. rounded corners or red sales buttons) and want to focus on longer term value of your business?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, than WPossible is aimed at you. We would be most obliged if you subscribe for updates.

Our manifesto tells you a little bit more.

WPossible is a developed and sponsored by Zapreneur Media. Zapreneur builds marketplaces for South African companies. All our websites run on WordPress. The founder of Zapreneur is Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen

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