Building Four WordPress Based Projects in 7 14 Days

Hello Maker World,

This year – 2018 – has been a good one for me, in many respects, except one. The big goal for 2018 was to transition from a freelance researcher (insert fancy title – independent public policy analyst) to being a maker (insert fancy title – bootstrapping solopreneur). Before and after work I scramble to make something,  and sadly the daily grind has not yet stacked up into something complete. That is hopefully going to change.

Living the life of the side hustler.

I know the end point – running and growing applications or courses that solve a real problem (and let me add shyly, makes a bit of money). The path to get there has however been frustrating and unproductive. I am doing lots wrong, and have taken a good hard look at everything. Made lots of notes, read widely, studied successful products, and other learning.  And everyday, there are so many launches of new products. Time to make take some action, and do it quickly. (Hat tip: WIP)

The Projects

From 18 October 2018 to the 24 October 2018, I am attempting to launch four projects. The four projects are:

  1. WPossible           WordPress for Makers.
  2. Write Invisible   Distraction free writing for reluctant marketers.
  3. Think Workers   Lead Service for Indie Analysts and Small Companies
  4. ZApreneur            South African Marketplace for Indie Stores
  5. Maybe one other

Follow the Progress

I am going to be blogging the entire process with a daily reflection. If you interested, please join the newsletter, by adding your email to the form at the top of this page.