More eco (system), Less Ego – WP links I liked in May 2021

WordPress is an ecosystem. At times it however feels like an egosystem, like when Wix turned into Weaks.

Wix Or Weeks

Wix – the website builder – ran a marketing campaign comparing itself to WordPress. The campaign was snarky and offensive (but, do not tell anyone it was also funny). The folks over at WP Tavern have a rundown of the happenings here and here. That was in April. I however just saw a video from the Brainforce Storm (makers of the awesome Astra theme) do a response. It is very, very funny video.

In Stellar News No More iMonster iThemes

I have recently been calling the iThemes, iMonster. It has gobbled up many plugins, including WPComplete, Restricted Content Pro and The Events Calender. Most recently they bought GiveWP and WP Business Reviews. Now I know this is all not bought by iThemes, some are bought by Liquid Web, which bought iThemes.

To clear the confusion ( and maybe offer a hosted service with plugins) StellarWP has been created. I look forward to comparing this hosted service to Weaks. From the about page on StellaWP:

StellarWP is home to all of the ecommerce products and services who have joined us so far, which include some of the most beloved and dependable tools in the industry. Just like our users rely on us at Liquid Web for their managed WordPress hosting needs, we are confident that StellarWP will become the go-to resource for users in search of products that will take their sites and businesses to the next level.

Joe from StellarWP

I think a hosted service with plugins – kind of like a walled garden – could provide a solution for many entrepreneurs. I will miss calling it iMonster.

Genesis Undergoes Genesis

The word genesis means “the origin or mode of formation of something”. What an awesome name for one of the most loved and used themes and frameworks in WordPress. It is also the one I have never ever used. It was a bit pricey and a bit opinionated. But, the framework and the sample theme will now be free.

The entire business model is changed as a response to Full Site Editing (FSE), which is an acronym that we will hear more and more. Has Genesis moved too late to catch up with newer theme frameworks? Has Genesis got the the loyalty to stop users from switching? Time will tell.

But it is useful to think about the differences in strategy between WP Engine (which owns Genesis theme and StudioPress) and Liquid Web which is setting up StellaWP.

Build a Specialist Website … here is a guide

Philip Morgan has one of the most detailed and thoughtful articles on creating websites for specialised experts and companies who primarily sell expertise. Go read it, and implement it.


I promise you it will leave your website less weak.

Until next week, unless I am weak.

I could go on with this for another week.

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