WordPress 3.9 – Visual Editing Just Got Easier

Toggling between WordPress editor and preview screen has been painful, until now. WordPress 3.9 brings major improvements to visual editing.


Better Visual Editing in WordPress


So what is the big deal you may be wondering?

  1. Easier pasting from word processors: Software like Microsoft Word are great tools for writing. However when copying into WordPress, it takes a bit of time to ensure that styling matches. The new update improves this, and now pasting from Word should be easier.
  2. Easier  Image Management – I find dealing with images in WordPress a bit complicated. With 3.9, images are now resizeable in the editor screen. This is a huge time saver. Another feature is adding images by simply dropping and dragging.
  3. Preview Galleries –  The ability to preview galleries before publishing provides some encouragement for me to try this format out.
  4. Live preview just got widgetized: The theme customiser now includes your widget areas. This helpful feature helps to more fully test a theme before going live. There is also an improvement to resize header images.
  5. Playlists:  Adding playlists for video and audio, will prove extremely useful to podcasters.

The official announcement can be found by clicking here. 

(This article refers to self hosted WordPress installations.)

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