WordPress RoundUp 1 – We like Jamstack

Is it WordPress or Jamstack? Matt Billman (CEO of Netlify) and Matt Mullenwag debated the issues. Most people in the WordPress and Jamstack were confused as to why this level of disagreements exist. Richard MacManus from The New Stack provides an review of the origins and the state of the debate. It should really be WordPress AND Jamstack.

In acquisition news, iThemes has bought WPComplete. WPComplete provided a no-nonsense way for users in WordPress to mark articles and most anything else as complete. This is the second purchase from iThemes, following closely on the heels of acqusition of Restricted Content Pro.

WPBeginner has added PushEngage to its growing suite of plugins. PushEngage provides notices to users. The continued growth of Awesome Motive – the company behind the purchases is remarkable story.

FaceBook dropped support for Oembed. We discuss some options on WPossible.

The days of full site editing is here. Gutenberg everywhere. The theme is called Q.

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